Processes so far

The processes so far that I have been using have involved paper making; where I collected old letters, unusable paper and advertisement that comes through the door, cut it up in small pieces and kept it in water over night, once it was soaked properly I have blended it using a blender and quite a bit of water with it.

I have used a ball to build my paper lampshades on as I wanted them to be round, the ball I have used is nothing special just a simple smooth surface beach ball. I have wrapped the ball in cling film so the paper would not stick on the ball so bad that I have to pop the ball. I used PVA glue too so the structure would be firm, I have mixed the glue with the paper mix, and then gently covered half of the ball with the paper making mix that i have made. It took around couple days to dry completely which then I was able to take it off the ball. I have tried to draw on top of the paper lampshades that I have made but it wasn’t very eye pleasing so I cancelled the idea.

The other process that I have used this year so far was plaster mould making; I used the same ball to make the plaster mould as I used to build paper lampshades because I really like the round shape. I wasn’t the easiest mould making as the ball is round and plastic also its rather soft and filled with air, so it kept moving out of place and it was hard to achieve the perfect mould.


Other process that I have done is slip-casting; once my plaster moulds was dry I have poured prepared slip cast into the mould, waited around 10-15 minutes, poured it out, turned it upside down for 5 minutes (as if I keep it any longer it would fall out of the mould) then waited for it to dry off so I cold cut a hole in the middle for the fitting to go through once it is fired. I have done few of these type of moulds as some of them didn’t come out right as I was so inpatient to take them out of the mould, and also I tried to bend the edges so it would give the flower effect which would relate to the shape of the chakra, however sip-cast clay isn’t very flexible and it start cracking. I also tried to poke holes which would be an image of my interpretation of the specific chakra, although that one stayed in good condition and I was hoping to fire it, however I did snap and broke when I have picked it up at one point. I did achieve to save one which has been bisque fired too however it has very rough edges as I thought it could be able to sand the bad bits off after firing, but I found out after that I need to do that before firing. oops. so I am going to repeat the process couple more times and get at least one perfect one, as after that I am planning to slip cast in in porcelain.

I also used pressing in to the mould technique as the edges wouldn’t bend n the slip-cast piece. Then i though of possibly building petals onto the ceramic shade however after good few hours spend n it i reevaluated it and noticed that it seems rather surreal and all i see is long ‘noses’ instead of the petals that i have tried to achieve. So i gave up on the idea.


As i was planning to glaze the ceramic shades with the colour of the chakras, i have gone to the process of making glazes; I have made only couple of them which I was going to experiment with. First I have looked in the library for some recipes for glazes that would be appropriate for me, once have my recipes I have gone to the glaze room and followed the recipe to make the glaze. This part was one of the easiest, although I haven’t made glazes independently before as I only have an induction and quick run through, i thought it wasn’t as hard as it looked on the paper.

To experiment with the glazes i had to make the same slip-cast little tiles so i would know which colour is which once it fires. However they have got lost in the kiln somehow.

One of my latest processes which I will be using in close future too is laser cutting; I always used coral draw to build my files for laser cutter however this year the program is practically non-existent, and illustrator program is more promoted to use. As I do not have a skill to use illustrator, it have been a bit frustrating for me as it took longer than it should of because now I have to quickly learn how to use illustrator so I can laser cut the pieces I need for the lampshades that I am going to produce. Thanks to some help i believe I developed a basic knowledge of t which is a stat in developing the skill of using it.

Once I have created the files I need I have simply use laser cutter to cut out the shapes that I have created on illustrator out of acrylic prospects. This time I have only made a mock up versions to visualise the shades better. Also to develop the understanding of how I am going to connect the acrylic frame and the ceramic mould into one piece.





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