Constellation PDP


Constellation Over past three years was rather hard for me although I would be lying to myself if I did not admit that it has opened my eyes in some ways and helped me learn. Constellation helped me to realise what I am actually interested theory wise more that help me along my course. What I have learned through constellation I cannot actually relate to my course or my work in any way but I enjoyed writing my dissertation although I did find it very stressful. I believe I picked a right concept to write about right at the end, as it kept me occupied and interested up until now, and even though the dissertation is done, I am planning to carry on reading about the unconscious mind and how it works.

When it comes to write my dissertation proposal I knew I should pick a topic that I am interested so it would be easier for me to write it, as the subject I was going to pick was going to be a big part of my summer and a massive part of my third year. I was blank on the matter for very long time as I did not feel like I am interested in anything. As time pressured I had to pick something so I picked to write about ‘Punk’ culture as I like punk and I have already a basic knowledge on the matter, although as the writing had to be academic the subject scared me off a bit and simply I did not know what to write about it, as the books I picked up from the library did not interest me and I found it had to understand. Due to that I have decided to change my proposal and write it on ‘law attraction and subconscious mind’ as this subject always have been intriguing for me, and specially now as it has been promoted in the world. I thought I could take this opportunity of writing a dissertation on it and research the subconscious mind and how to attract success, which could benefit me personally as well as academically. However I did not realise the subject is not academic and also it does not relate to my course or the art in any way. Due to that I have failed and had to reform my question for dissertation.

It began as extremely stressful third year and felt extremely lost at first however changing my question led me to a very interesting reading and subject which I am very happy about now. I end up with the dissertation topic called ‘The Unconscious Mind and Surrealism’. In the paper I have looked at surreal art which lead me to Salvador Dali and I certainly fell in love with his work, and not only his paintings or sculptures but also his eccentric personality, the way he stood out of the crowd and his amazing vision for art. One fact I have learned around Salvador Dali that really intrigued me and considered it to try it myself was that, to get in touch with his pre-conscious he developed a technique where he would fall asleep with a metal spoon in his hand and a plate under it, as he falls asleep the spoon falling out of his hand would make a sound waking him up. In those few seconds of wakening he would see imagery from his dream, which he quickly sketch till he remembers it as the imagery disappears from the memory.

Salvador Dali led me to Sigmund Freud as Dali has been inspired by Freud’s theory of dreams and many more and they have been friends throughout Salvador’s career, although Freud was not a massive fan of art. The readings about Freud and his theories led me to a man called Carl Jung, who was a student of Freud’s to begin with but developed his own researched and opinions on Freud’s theories and Freud himself.

Car Jung in his autobiography book called Memories, Dreams, Reflections, has explained his friendship with Freud throughout the years and the differences between them. The book is one of the best books that I have ever read and I am very happy this topic led me to it. I am planning to get the book myself personally to read it again in my own time, as this time the reading has been rushed by me and I believe I have missed out a lot of valid information.

I have noticed that once I have start reading about Freud and Jung and other writer’s views on their theories and so on, I detached myself a bit throughout my dissertation to the surreal art and I concentrated on the theories and the understanding of the unconscious mind by Freud and Jung. I have got intrigued how Freud understood it in comparison to Jung.

Freud believed that people store negative experiences or traumatic episodes within their life in the unconscious mind. As the unconscious mind would be a ‘trash can’ for the negative experiences that gets locked away. Which sometimes shows up in certain people and cause hysteria. Freud has been believed to be a bitter man, and his view that dreams are disguised with lies and malicious manner, did not please much of society. Carl Jung specially struggled to agree with it. He believed that Freud basing his theories around himself and trying to put it out there as it would fit to everyone. Especially with the theory about the sexual attraction to your parents.

Carl Jung however took more religious rout to the theories and believed that we were all different with different experiences, although the structure stayed the same. As for example if we touch something hot we would drop it instantly however our inner experiences are different from another. He has based a lot of his researched on mythology and gods to understand the concept of the unconscious mind.

While writing my paper I have realised that this is a big topic to discuss and that there is not a direct answer to it or direct explanation about the unconscious or how it works. There are theories a lot of different perceptions of it which I believe are based on the individual. I believe that unconscious is not part of our brain but it is certainly apart of us. A ball of energy that stores information that is useful but not useful right now, like our safety bank that appears without us knowing when we need to use it, as taking example sometimes we simply know something without realising how we know it. My opinion is that we gather information through out every day which gets stored in this massive ‘bank’ the unconscious, so at times in situations we can retrieve the information instantly without knowing how we know it. In some ways perhaps this could be called an instinct.

I personally do not think constellation had a massive impact on my course or the work I do, however it has opened my eyes to more academic skills and thinking, and realisation that I do like philosophy, which is something I will take up on in the future.

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