The lampshade project

Thought out my journey of designing the shades I have released the true intent of the shades i am making. I want to bring a bit of glamour into unfortunate living situations.

The volunteering at the hostel, teaching craft to young adult helped me to conclude my ideas, and finalist the outcome of the lampshades i am going to do.

I am going to make a fordable easily pack-able lampshades that are easily transferable from one place to the other.

the journey to the outcome wasn’t easy however i am happy the way it turned out considering the circumstances.










Here are the maquetes  of the shades that i have experimented with before carrying on and laser cutting it out of acrylic 3 mm sheets.

once i was happy with the outcome i start  cutting them out ouf acrylic sheets and have notices that manufacture acrylic sheets are uneven, so that has caused me some issues with the joints. However i made the joints slightly smaller than the acrylic sheet so i can chizzle it down by hand where it is needed.

once he joints were sorted i applied different techniques to each of the six designs.

First one i used a flocking technique which wasn’t my favorite process however it is one of the best outcomes.

the second one i used thermochromic paint which basically means that once it heats up it changes color what ever is underneath. I used black paint on top of white acrylic, and for the smaller version of the design i used the same black but on top of bright yellow. However i didn’t think through a design and the shades were with too much of wide space between it so once the paint was on it didn’t change color with the 60 walt bulbs that i have picked out for the shades. Although if using at least 100 walt bulb it does work out okay. I am disappointed the way this one turned out as i did have high hopes for it.

the tird design i decided to keep plain acrylic to show off the materiality.

forth one was ideally meant to be mirror acrylic laser cut shapes and have 12 parts instead of 6 like the rest of the design, however sadly the mirror acrylic was out of my price range i decided to colour the edges on the clear acrylic instead.

the fifth design turned out to be better than i expected and is one of my favorite. i used sewing thread to add some mix media into the shade.

and the last design but not the least was also cut with laser cutter but i used sandblasting process onto the negative shape of shade number one.

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