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London design show TENT went big this year and provided a great line up of designers and their acceptionall work. I am proud to say I went there. It was brilliant and a inspirational experience. We were asked to find a ‘design object an art object and a craft object’ that we liked and find inspirational.
I particularly liked Kristjana S Williams work. Absolutely loved the busy patterns and I have never seen anything like it before. It definitely left a big impression on me.

TENT London 2013

TENT London 2013

I love how she uses alot of colour, nature and different animal shapes in her work. It seems to me that she is a big animal and nature lover which is something I definitely can relate to myself. Kristjana’s work makes me feel rather happy when I look at it perhaps it is the playfulness in her patters and designs. I cannot exactly put my finger on which category her work would fall into but personsly I would say ‘art’ perhaps, as she is definitely a very skilled drawer/fine artist/print maker. Even though she uses a big amount of layered collages to complete her work.
Interesting links on Kristjana :
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The other work that left a big impact on me was by FLOCKING.CO.UK Fiona Howard was presenting the work which I found very interesting. I loved the modern designs with soft finishes. Even her promoting card was was partly flocked which I could not resist but to take few.
I like the way it keeps the old and traditional style of chandeliers and mirrors but with the modern twist colour and flocking it really stands out as a modern pieces of work.

My only argument about it would be that it might be abit hard to clean if purchised and used at home, as I find that flock collects dust alot so if your chandelier is up hight it might be abit difficult to wipe the dust or dirt comparing to any other surfaces.
Over all I think they are great designs my favourite design on the TENT design show of theirs were the blue bubble chair. I absolutely loved the blue electric colour and the style of it, it gave me a modern contemporary feeling, also it was rather comfortable to sit on. Would of gladly spent spent few hours on it.
Thomas & Vines was found in 1949 and been flocking since 1968. It is a very experienced and growing firm that works with the latest flocking technology and are able to cover most of the surfaces.
For more in depth information about T&V and how to contact them please visi:
Also to follow them on twitter:

I seemed to struggle a little to pick a craft object at the TENT design show as I couldn’t exactly pick one that I felt was craft only. In my oppinion most designs and products contained craft elements in the work.
Still perhaps this is not the ‘most craft object’ I needed to find but that was most craft object I liked or was able to relate to. As we discovered previously I am a big fan of nature so this chandelier by DI Classe – Domei Design attracted my eye.

TENT London 2013

TENT London 2013

Domei Endo the designer and creator of Di Classe products was born in Tokyo 1960. He originally studied and graduated as a Product Designer and now works with wire and has an acceptional set of skills to create high quality metal lamps. Domei and his company EKK is based in Japan and he has taken over the import business since 1994.
The lamp by Domei exhibited at the TENT design show London was inspired by ‘light & shade’ gave me a very calm harmony with nature and happy feeling. Defiantly impressed me and made me smile. Also Domei doesn’t focus on the lightening devices as such but looks at the team which is light & shade and in my opinion he successfuly created that image. I was mesmorised by his pieces they really caught my attention. The leafs and the stucture of the lamp gave me this feeling like I am in the forest somewhere and gentle light strokes coming through the leafs gave me a warm feeling of happiness. I found it very inspiring how his work was not only visually unique but pleasant for the sole and has a real feel to it.
For more infirmation on Di Classe product and Domei himself visit:

Also here few more pieces of work that stood out for me at TENT festival.

Emma Winter TENT London 2013

Emma Winter TENT London 2013

Emma Winter is London based artist that works across the sprectrum of Installation Art, set Design, Props & Artistic Direction.
Elaborate handcrafted sculptures & installations are largely made using fragile and organic materials.
To find out more please visit:

Jan Kath & Michaela Schleypen rug designs

Jan Kath & Michaela Schleypen rug designs

Rich and bright motifs of traditional Siberian shawls has been transformed by his signature style into modern rugs.
Front is a company run by Jan Kath and Michaela Schleypen who create hight class and quality rugs.
I did like the rugs exhibited at TENT the feel of them was fantastic and clearly very hight standard. Considering I like busy patters I wasn’t too keen on the busy oriental design that was on show. I much prefered the display they had, that was the attraction point for me. Loved the way they had floaty mirror ceiling and tangled ropes coming down to the floor, seemed very alive and like the ropes were growing from the ceiling down to the floor. The display had great spirit about it. On the other hand the rugs were great but to me it didn’t have that very modern feeling they were trying to get across.
To find out more and see their work please visit:

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